dpi. Working with business customers for nearly 25 years.

It’s easy to undervalue the customer just to get the big sale. But at digital partners, we’re doing business the hard way, the honorable way, the way our parents did. Our business is all about building lasting relationships. We answer our phones and we answer your questions. When your company succeeds, so do we. dpi is a Value Added Reseller and we’ve been putting our clients first for twenty years.

Since 1994, when Matina Koronis-Koester founded dpi to meet the needs of under-served Mac based businesses, we’ve operated on the principle of finding customized solutions for each of our customers. Today, dpi has business partners nationwide and brings experience and expertise to every market. We sell the full line of Apple technology as well as an extensive array of related hardware and software which we’d love to chat with you about. In addition, we provide professional video equipment sales, IT training, and Apple service, support and repairs. Everyone at dpi is an Apple Product Professional and our technical staff holds the highest level of Apple certifications.

Our Mission

dpi strives to be the best in class IT sales and service providers for local and national business customers in order to help them prosper from the goods and services we provide, so that we may in turn have prosperity ourselves. At the end of the day, we love to give a portion of that prosperity to those who have less or are in need.

For more information about us, visit our company website: digital partners incorporated